Personal development plan – what are your next steps?

March … it is the time of the year when in NFL you can verify your value as a player … free agency is ongoing which means that:

a) you are under contract and free agency is just the time period when you are having fun and looking what’s going on with others

b) you are ‘tagged’ by franchise – you are lucky (?) because you know you are appreciated by your bosses but on the other hand you were not able to convince them in time to sign long term contract that will move you up to the a) and you cannot do the c)

c) you are free agent that can check your value by testing free market and talking to other teams and negotiate with them your brand new deal with lots of $$$

d) there are still guys that belong to a) due to contracts they signed a couple years ago but due to big signings in b) & c) ‘in between’ they feel that they are on the wrong side of the top cashing guys

In IT then, there are still those yearly ‘performance’ talks, you can talk to your team lead what you achieved in the past year, what would you like to try in the upcoming one etc

Except the company goals that you may align to you should have your personal goals to move you further, to remain relevant, not only in your current environment but also just in case when you would like to test ‘free agency’.

There are already good readings about how to shape your career … but do they apply to you in 100% ? probably not … your context is the key …

my context?

I need more insights in test automation and DevOps … but what tool I should focus on? what programming language dive in?

it depends …

are you a player under long term contract (aka you love/like you company and what’s going there and you don’t plan to test free market) or you are ‘franchised’ (aka you are the lucky one to get quite nice salary and you are closed in the ‘golden armor’ and probably it will not be matched when you try something else …) or you are (heading to) free agency soon and want to be relevant there …

assess you position wisely and pick out your development areas even more wisely

check what’s going on in those areas within your ‘franchise’, check what’s going on the market, check what’s trending up in the IT …

it is not easy, it should not be a coin flip

I know I’m not helping you or myself by this post … just saying …