yet another 2018 review

“Time flies by in the yellow and green
Stick around and you’ll see what I mean
There’s a mountaintop that I’m dreaming of
If you need me you know where I’ll be …”

is part of George Ezra positive song I came across during the 2018 year and speaking about 2018 …


so all over the internet, you can find quite impressive reviews of what people have achieved during these 365 days.

How about me? Let’s start with …

“sharing is caring”

kszewczak_aadays_20182018 has been the year when I’ve not only started sending my proposals for different testing conferences but one of them has been accepted and I had the pleasure and honour to be ‘Agile and Automation Days’ speaker!
Looking back at it … I was not aware of what I’m trying to accomplish … how many hours it takes to bring the proposal all the way down to final talk, the process of shaping your presentation, squeezing it into a given timeslot, etc … but of course, it was well awarded – great time in Krakow, lots of good talks, possibility to connect with people from “industry”, new ideas to try out, new points of view, great discussions and experience I’ve gained on my speaking endeavour.

On ‘the smaller’ stage I’ve given a couple of internal talks from TestCoP, through Architect Owners group to a short talk on the big event for our customers … the last two were way outside of my comfort zone

“API year”

API is something I had a great pleasure to dive in in 2018 … I’ve prepared an internal training for folks at my company, broadening my know-how – as the best way to learn is just trying to teach others. There were some blogs post of mine on the topic as well and of course Ministry Of Test 30 days challenge that we all can hone our skills.

this blog

although I wrote a couple of post during the passing year, this is way too low number to be proud of. The idea was to be more active in this field and that’s something I will try to improve in 2019 especially with the new opportunity and assignment looming on the horizon.

AB testing

Finally, I’ve joined “podcast” bandwagon … to be honest I had a hard time to stay focused listening to long conversations, even on the interesting topics, especially if they were in the foreign language, like English for me. But with that has changed and I’ve managed to listen almost 5 years of tangents and rants from Alan and Brent about quality, data, leadership, data and more. I’m also into Modern Testing principles (MoT poster) they coined and vetted during the podcast. If you are not yet on the Modern Testing bandwagon then please give yourself a late Christmas gift and check out the principles, podcast and of course #OneOfTheThree slack channel:

“The Phoenix Project”

that’s something I will be leaving behind me soon, the transition to a new assignment is on the way already. I’ve learnt a lot over the past years but somehow it’s hard for me to reconcile “TPP” and Modern Testing principles … let’s see if after collecting new experience out paths will cross again.

2019 and beyond …

I don’t think I have a specific goal for the upcoming year. I will be all over the new project and things I need to pick up to be productive there, as well as vocal on Modern Testing principles. The long shot is to level up my coding skills to finally put at least one-liner that hit production!

And what about your 2018 and plans for 2019?


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