VirtualBox guest OS using host VPN connection

Groundhog day.

One of our test system is configured to have the same date over and over and over again – groundhog day. It seems that the time flies quite fast but on that particular system we are still in middle of 2013 year … I wanted to use that system for highly sophisticated test (yeah …). I needed another machine running Linux with time synchronized to that groundhog and in addition with docker support. The easiest way to get it for me was to quickly clone one of my VirtualBox Ubuntu machines (to avoid unplanned mess when changing date to 2013 etc), install there docker and change date. So far so good … but there was one more problem … I was trying to run the test from home and I had to use VPN to connect to groundhog environment. As soon as connection through VPN has been established on the host system – I lost connection on my Ubuntu guest system – something I was not expecting … I’ve asked ‘uncle google’ about it and he shared from his infinite wisdom one of the solutions: … this works perfectly for me – thanks Ben! … well I still need to adjust a couple of things but at the end it was quite nice issue to learn about


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